Due January 31 — 2019 Applications mailed to 2018 gardeners and to new applicants. Applications to be returned with appropriate fees.

Friday, March 1 — Wakeman Town Farm, 7 pm — Annual Meeting

April 1 Hoses are hooked up and water is turned on.

May 4 — Saturday, 8 am– Noon — First Community Gardens Work DayBring weed-wackers, grass shears, pruning shears, anything to get rid of weeds.  Also needed are shovels and wheelbarrows to transport wood chips.  All garden members are required to contribute in 3 hours of community work time per year.

May 15 — Wednesday Plots must be weed-free, planted or ready for planting, or member forfeits plot. All pathways to the right of your plot must be weed-free and wood chipped.

May 19 — Sunday - Spring Party Details to follow

June 1 — Saturday,  8 am–Noon — Second Community Gardens Work Day

June 30 — Sunday, 2–5 pm — Third Community Gardens Work Day

August 3 — Saturday, 8 am–Noon — Fourth Community Gardens Work Day

August — September — Sixth Annual Bocce Tournament Details to follow

September 1 — Sunday, 8 am–Noon — Fifth Community Gardens Work Day

October 5 — Saturday, 4 pm — Annual Harvest Party

October 6 — Sunday, 8 am–Noon — Sixth Community Gardens Work Day (Final Workday)

November 1 Water is shut off and hoses are disconnected.

November 10 All plots must be cleared of spent plants, as well as such items as plastic pots, plastic sheeting, tomato cages, etc.  Flexible plastic plant tags, plastic bags and any other plastic that will deteriorate and crumble into the soil must be removed. Still-growing plants such as parsnips, carrots and the brassicas may remain.