Community Jobs

If you are interested in helping build community and assuming the responsibility for one of these positions, please contact Lou Weinberg. Depending upon the position, community garden work hours may be credited.


Gate and Water Spigot Lock Manager — Shelley May

Wheelbarrow Maintenance Manager — Al Gwilliam

Wheelbarrow Assistant Manager — Josh Schwartz

Hose and Nozzle Manager (Row 1) — Fred Post

Hose and Nozzle Manager (Row 2) — Jeff Wieser

Hose and Nozzle Manager (Row 3) — Andrew Coleman

Gillespie Cooler Managers — Steve & Lina Chin

Compost Site Manager — Alec Head

Compost Site Assistant Manager — Jerry Owen

Hole-in-the-Fence Manager — JP Montillier

Website Designer/Manager — Deirdre Price

Facebook Administrator —  Louis Weinberg, Ellen Greenberg

Stake Numbering and Placement Manager —  Lou Rolla

Weed Patrol — Sheila Bergman

Mail List Manager — Lou Weinberg

Bulletin Board Manager — Elisabeth Rose

Wildflower Garden Manager — Toni Simonetti

Common Space ManagerMarjorie Donalds

Wood Chip Delivery ManagerRoseanna Mihalick

Soil Screen ManagerPosition Open

Milkweed Garden ManagerMelissa Roberts

Garden Tool Coordinator — Amy Unikewicz

Lecture Series Manager — Position Open

Mason Beehive Project ManagerEllen Greenberg