Policies and Regulations:


1.  The Westport Community Gardens are on an elementary school property and as such the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides are prohibited by State law.  Only organic gardening techniques and organic compounds may be used to control pests and weeds.  Gardeners found to be using chemical pesticides or herbicides will lose gardening privileges’ and be subject to prosecution.

2.  Use of pressure-treated wood is prohibited.

3.  Plots are available beginning March 1st.  All plots must be cleared by Nov 15th.

4.  Plots are to be used for growing plants for non-commercial use.

5.  Plots are to be maintained in a condition which will not interfere with abutting plots.

6.  The Town of Westport will be held harmless from any claim for damages of injury arising from the use of the Community Garden property.

7.  No smoking is allowed.

8.  Use of Gardens during school hours:

Gardens are closed between 8:00 am and 9:00 a.m. and between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. weekdays when school is in session.  The Parks and Recreation Department will issue a photo ID to gardeners and guests wishing to access the property during school hours.  During school hours only gardeners and guests with a photo ID issued by the Parks and Recreation Department will be permitted on school property.  Please notify Membership Coordinator of other family members who will require a photo ID.

9.  The garden is closed from sunset to sunrise.

10. Minor children must be under the supervision of a parent.



The Westport Community Garden (WCG) members recognize that the land that they use for gardening is part of Long Lots Elementary School (LLS) property and that they share the use of their parking lot with LLS.  As a result, WCG members share a responsibility to ensure that their activities do not compromise the health, safety and welfare of the school children attending LLS.

1.  All WCG members are expected to ask any person on garden property, whom they do not recognize as a WCG member, to show their photo ID.  Anyone without a photo ID should be asked to leave immediately.  WCG members should notify the Westport Police Department and WCG Chairman in the event of any such encounter.

2.  All WCG members will be watchful for suspicious activity in and around the WCG property and will report such activity to the Westport Police Department.

3.  The LLS (main number) will be called and the Principal of LLS will be notified if there is suspicious activity or a problem requiring LLS attention.  Additionally, any suspicious activity or problem will be immediately reported to the WCG Chairman.

4.  All WCG members will only use the section of the parking lot closest to the WCG.

5.   WCG members will be notified by e-mail of dates and times when school events are anticipated so that all available parking may be utilized.  Community gardeners are strongly encouraged to avoid gardening on those dates.



A.  Plots will be weed free, planted or ready for planting by May 15th of the current year.

B.  Gardeners must maintain your plot in a neat and orderly fashion at all times.  All weeds must be remove from the garden, including the areas next to the fence, next to the walkway, and the path next to neighboring plots to the right of my plot. You must ensure that plants and any other vines or weeds do not grow on the fence bordering my plot.

C.  Gardeners may not plant within 6 inches of their border.  All raised beds must be 6 inches from plot border.  Each gardener is responsible for maintaining the path to the right side of their plot

D.  Any personal tools and equipment left in the garden, you do so at my own risk and are not the responsibility of WCG.

E.  Every gardener is required to work for 3 hours per year to help to maintain the communal spaces.

F.  If you are advised that you are in violation of any of the foregoing practices, you will have ten (10) days in which to remedy the violation.  If you do not remedy said violation within ten (10) days, you will forfeit your plot immediately and will not be permitted to garden the following year. Members who have forfeited a plot will not receive refunds for payment of membership dues, capital fund, weed whacking or rototilling.